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Irina by photoport

I keep coming back to this image. I think the unique scene is what draws me in. The whole image carries with it raw emotion, and calls you to dig deeper, to empathize and feel the emotions of the model. From the color tone to the lighting, the image certainly has a story to tell. There is no one aspect of the image that overwhelms another, everything flows together.
Your lighting is great. The lighting gives the image a very somber mood, with the use of shadows and tone. It makes one wonder if this is set in history, or possibly a presents with geographical considerations. The models pose and expression continue to tell the story. One is left with feelings rather than answers. The background at first appears a little busy however; it is needed to fulfill the complexity of the story. There is enough of the background to fill in the detail yet the model doesn’t get lost in all that is going on. Overall the image is excellent. Great work, thanks for sharing.
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